The Best Punching Bags 2017

Let’s Find The Right¬†Punching Bag For You!


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Aspects of a Punching Bag

Since boxing is a full bod workout, the second most important gear you need to begin boxing is the punching bag. The best punching bags come filled or unfilled but are made of high-quality leather, and are double stitched. They are able to take the maximum shock while you are training. Using a punching bag in your boxing workouts increases your cardiovascular health, makes your hands and arms more strong by pushing their limits and burn over 13 calories per minute. The best punching bags absorb shock and reduce the risk of damage to the hands.

Types of Punch bags

They are mostly filled with grain, sand or cloth filling. They can be hung from the ceiling or have wall brackets or ceiling hooks that come with them. There are even water and air punching bags but they are not as durable as a regular punching bag.

  • Speed Bags
  • Coordination Bag
  • Portable Speed Bag
  • Maize Bags
  • Heavy Bag
  • Uppercut bag